Being a business owner is a lot different than people will ever Imagine. They think it’s like having a job, but you are your own the boss. that’s the furthest thing from the truth. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining these are the choices that I made. When it’s a blacked owned business it’s a 1,000 times worst. most times you get very little to no support. usually you are the first business owner in your family, so when tough times hit. like most businesses go through. you are met with I told you so, quit and get a job, money hungry and that’s not godly etc….I have learned anyone that’s of negativity to cut loose, you are only as strong as those you surround yourself with.the sacrifiies you make to pursue your dreams most will never understand.It’s a burning desire in your heart to pursue this dream,not something you can just least not me.Your thoughts?